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Booked a Holiday gig! I've been hired to be a Caroler with The Holiday Carolers.

Contact Kira Alvarez productions for bookings and rates -- you can ask for me!

My December is quickly filling up with Caroling gigs, but there are still some dates available.

I'm really enjoying brining Holiday Cheer to so many people!

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Featured Articles!

Review for role of Annietime Annie in 42nd Street

"Bernadette Bentley’s bold and brassy Anytime Annie and her three best gal pals (the equally splendid Melanie Mockobey as Phyllis Dale, Deborah Fauerbach as Lorraine Flemming, and Jessica Marie Taylor as Gladys) provide vivacious support, with Ann Myers and Cole Cuomo stealing scenes as songwriting team Maggie Jones and Bert Barry, and Timothy Joshua Hearl’s salt-of-the-earth Pat Denning and Greg Nicholas’ Texas sugar daddy Abner Dillon giving Dorothy two decidedly different romantic options to choose from."

Wonder Woman Xena mashup cosplay featured on GeekxGirls

"Bernadette Bentley looks absolutely stunning cosplaying as her genius Wonder Woman / Xena mashup! This combo of two of the most badass warrior ladies of all time just works so well, no one would mess with Wonder Xena that's for sure! ;) "

Armor by Todd's Costumes

Corset and skirt by Castle Corsetry

Chakrum by Mr Pinski Props

Featured on GeekxGirls

Burlesque Wonder Woman cosplay featured in an GeekxGirls article!

ONE of the Nerdist 5 Things You Have to See to Believe at WonderCon

My Xena Warrior Princess Princess Cosplay made the list of the Nerdist 5 Things You Have to See to Believe at WonderCon!



The once underground hobby of cosplay has slowly become mainstream and cons are where cosplayers get to show off all their hard work. While you’ll see some cosplay on the con floor, the real show is outside, where camera crews and instagrammers take photos of all their favorite outfits. Head out of the Anaheim Convention Center lobby into the Grand Plaza and you’ll find a living gallery of cosplayers of all ages. This stunning hand-crafted Xena: Warrior Princess Princess by Bernadette Bentley is just one of the many ways that cosplayers put their own creative spin on their favorite characters."

Featured on Comic Con website for WonderCon 2016

I'm on the official Comic Con website for my Xena Warrior Princess Princess ballgown at WonderCon 2016!

Photo by Kevin Green


Check me out on the Espionage Cosplay Crash Pad! 

"With a smile as catching as a melodic tune, Bernadette Bentley sweetens the world of cosplay with flashes of glam and memorable bouts of badassery! Though her satchel of tricks includes everything from voice acting and hosting to dancing and choreographing, we wanted to hear more of her war cry and feature her well known Xena: Warrior Princess cosplay. Step through the portal and join us as we explore more of the magic of costuming!"

Belle of the Battlefield dubbed me the "Belle of the Battlefield" in my Xena Warrior Princess Princess cosplay! I LOVE THAT LINE!!! 

"San Diego Comic-Con always brings out the A++ cosplay, but we especially loved this mashup of our favorite Warrior Princess and the crinolined ballgown stylings of the Princess of Disney. We’re sure actress and director Bernadette Bentley was the Belle of the Battlefield."

Xena Warrior Princess Princess in LA Times!

So this is pretty cool! I got featured on LA Times on Preview night of San Diego Comic Con for my Xena Warrior Princess Princess! 

Featured on Cosplay Girls League

Bernadette Bentley and Cathy Kutz featured as Xena Warrior Princess and Gabrielle on Cosplay Girls League.

Featured on Geek Tyrant

Here’s a perfectly fun cosplay mashup ... that combines Xena with Disney. The result is Xena: Disney Warrior Princess. It's being cosplayed by Bernadette Bentley, and it’s simply fantastic. The photo was taken by York In A Box. I’d love to see someone take this concept and turn it into an action-packed animated short. 

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